BC Property Assessment

Your Assessment, FAQ and Information on Appeals 

Individual Tax Notices have been mailed out to homeowners already! The B.C. Assessment Authority has completed its 2011 Assessment Roll for properties.

Deadline to File for Review
31st January 2011 

If you have concerns regarding your assessment you can find more information at the BC Assessment Authority – or contact your realtor and mortgage broker for tips on how to reach an accredited appraiser who can advise you on the proper procedures for an independent review.

Deadline to Apply for Assessment Relief
15th March 2011 

Don’t forget to apply for revaluation if your property is zoned for higher alternative use – certain conditions apply however you may request to have your property value according to the current residential use which may reduce your property tax payable!

Let me know if you have any questions or call me to discuss at 1-866-521-4536.

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