Headline-Off: Mortgage Rules vs. iPhone… no contest?

And now for today’s light dose of humor, if you’re a follower of the Vancouver Metro – you’ll find today’s Headline-Off buried on page 13:

Mortgage Rules slow housing market: Report


Employee brawl. iPhone maker halts production in China

I found the juxtaposition of these two articles quite hilarious as the significantly larger font supporting the Mortgage article, denoting serious business and economic consequences for all Canadian’s alike, is completely blown out of the water when faced off with the words “iPhone” and “brawl”.

Let’s break it down.

Stuffy finance article aside – the chain reaction of new mortgage rules affecting the housing market and eventually the whole Canadian economy, seems too doomsday and fatalistic to be believable. One point against the Mortgage article. But whether you are in the market to buy or sell a house right now, or you’re just interested in looking out for your future self, this is one news article which will affect you in some shape or form no matter what. So on the moderately interesting and “something you probably should be aware of” category, I’d say we’re at a solid neutral.

On the consumer goods side, the iPhone itself is enough to draw attention and probably didn’t need the sensational boost of an employee brawl amongst factory workers at the company dorm.  It was probably no laughing matter for the 40 injured people however I’m still scratching my head at why the fight would break out and involve 2,000 of the factory’s employees! And the final straw – “a police statement report by the official Xinhua News Agency said 5,000 [police]officers were sent to the scene!!

No contest, hands down.

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