New Development Concept: Courtyards in Chestermere

Courtyards in Chestermere – Visit the Project Summary page


On a quick drive by the typical neighbourhood in Chestermere you will find a largely growing community, upscape residences, cottage waterfront properties and a quaint lakeside lifestyle. One of the benefits of living in a suburb is the feeling of togetherness and community.  Our latest development in the area is a novel and unique concept designed to make townhouse living full featured and community oriented. You’ll have all the benefits of living on a full sized property, with the benefits of lower prices for the newer homebuyer and managed common areas to save you from any hassles.

Here is an exerpt from the Project Summary page:

Welcome to our newest development in the Town of Chestermere a suburb of Calgary, Alberta. Set within a haven of warm and welcoming street-scapes, English style gardens and pedestrian pathways, Chestermere Courtyards is pioneering a first of its kind in Calgary, interior courtyard and community living concept.

To see the full project details and follow development updates as they happen, please visit the project summary page.

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