What if you Disagree with your CRA Tax Assessment?

Income tax

Tax season is upon us and by now you should have filed your taxes or be scrambling up your receipts and running over to the nearest H&R Block. But what if you’ve done all that and you disagree with your tax assessment??

Get Smart About Money has posted a great article on tax objections and your rights and procedures:

Making an objection
Call the CRA – You’ll find the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) phone number on your notice of assessment. You’ll need to address the miscommunication or mistake and provide any further information needed to clear things up.

File a notice of objection
If you’re not satisfied after speaking with the CRA, file a notice of objection. This is a formal dispute. You have to give the reasons for the dispute and present the relevant facts and documents.

Appeal to the Tax Court of Canada
If you disagree with the CRA’s ruling on your objection, you can appeal to the Tax Court of Canada.

Consider hiring a tax professional to help you with filing a notice of objection or appealing to the Tax Court of Canada.

Read the full article here and visit GetSmarterAboutMoney.ca!

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