Courtyards Grand Opening and Phase I 90% sold!

Courtyards in Chestermere – Visit the Project Summary page

Thanks to everyone for checking out our townhouse project Courtyards in Chestermere, Calgary Alberta! Our grand opening was a great time, balloons, hot dogs, food trucks and radio stations in attendance. Mostly a great time for the kids, what’s better on a nice Sunday, come out for a good time, the kids are distracted and you get to tour the newest in show houses and suites!

Here are some of our finishing samples if you stop by our show suite, it’s the first on the boulevard as with construction schedule to start next week we don’t have a full showhome available yet. Phase I is technically sold out as we will be keeping one unit as a show suite, however we are planning to start construction on 1/2 of Phase II immediately in order to keep up with the demand. Please stop by or check out our website for more information on availability and details.

To see the full project details and follow development updates as they happen, please visit the project summary page.

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