How Would You Like To Own A B.C. Resort?

Everyone needs a getaway now and again — but why not go the extra mile and buy your very own resort?

Reblogged from The Huffington Post Canada


The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort, located in British Columbia’s serene Chilko Valley, is on the market for $10.5 million, according to the Luxury Real Estate listing.

The 25-acre lot comes complete with seven log homes, a greenhouse, a gym (complete with climbing wall), and a private 10-acre lake, for starters. Eleven ATVs and three boats are included in price, as well.

“Although never intended to be operated as a Resort, the Huston Family Estate has quietly become known (largely through word-of-mouth) for its outstanding facilities, and has hosted internationally recognized politicians, movie stars, musicians, and titans of industry,” states the listing.

Read the original article here

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