Eat well. Live well.

Wow, I am suitably impressed with the new Canada Food Guide.

Goodbye Meat and Dairy, this may shock lots of folks out there, but Meat and Dairy aren’t members of the official food groups anymore. How can this be? Where will I get my protein from? Actually the new Canada Food Guide shows a preference for plant based proteins.

I don’t see any mention of fermented foods, probiotics or gut health, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.

Kudos to you Canada (sorry Meat and Diary Industry – it’s the second blow to you since the recent NAFTA tariffs)





One Comment

  1. Hmm, is that yogurt in with the proteins? If yes, then that would be your fermented, gut health, proboitic I suppose. And are those chunks of red meat up in the corner? 🙂


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