Another Project Comes to A Close – Alture MidCity


I am incredibly proud of the completion of this building designed by award winning architects Duel Architecture. The construction of MidCity progressed smoothly and according to schedule – with many design and engineering upgrades included along the way for the benefit of our future homeowners.

Picture 515.jpg

Our most notable delay was waiting for the registering with land titles in order to include the lake association’s many requirements – however we still managed our goal which was to get homeowners into their homes on time.

A new addition to our service lineup is the printed Homeowner Guide and Online Homeowner Portal which Alture has provided to every owner. We hope that you find this resource useful as it contains detailed information from the paint colour in your bathroom down to who installed the kitchen faucet.

I appreciate all the support everyone has given to us this past year, and hope all our homeowners enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are living in an incredibly sound and well-built building that will last for years to come.


We’re out of the Hole now! – Alture Midcity

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To see the full project details and follow development updates as they happen, please visit the project summary page.

Construction Update – Time Lapse | Alture MidCity

Boys and Their Toys – Alture MidCity

The Alture MidCity ground breaking event was held last week in Sunny Calgary! Fortunately catching the one sunny day in a week long rainy stretch, the boys have dusted off the hard hats and started off to work.


Alture MidCity – Visit the Project Summary page
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Demolition has commenced! The four almost derelict and boarded up houses on the future site of Alture Midcity have been sitting as a vacant eyesore for the past months. As the permits and plans were completed we really wanted to see this particular milestone come to fruition.

Our neighbours will undoubtedly appreciate the upgrade to the street-scene, and have much more to look forward to as we prepare for construction in the Fall months. Just picture how pleased everyone will be once a shiney new building emerges from this rubble!