Storytime for Babies, Man on the Moon and Parent’s Night Out

Hopefully all you fellow mommies have already discovered this, but seeing as how I only learned about this a couple weeks ago, perhaps it is not as common knowledge as it probably should be?

Storytime for Babies


Rhymes, songs, bounces, fingerplays and stories for parents and caregivers with their babies.

This amazing FREE program provided by the Vancouver Public Library is a 1/2 hour of sing-a-longs, tickle games, squealing babies and crawling shenanigans. There is a story time Every Single Day in the libraries all around Vancouver. Just show up, no need to prepare, know the rhymes or prepare ahead of time.

I don’t know about you, but I honestly don’t remember many nursery rhymes. I guess it’s the combination of being a first time mom, and not having any nieces or nephews nearby. Youtube-ing “Nursery Rhymes” or “Games for Babies” is really not that exciting. The only determining factor for us in whether to go out for storytime or not was if Finn was awake or asleep by the time storytime rolled around.

Check out the VPL events calendar for storytime around you!

Here’s a guide to some Storytime categories:

Age Groups

Babytime – Recommended for newborns to approximately 18 months.

Toddler Storytime – For ages 18 months to 3 years.

Family Storytime – Suitable for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy and learn together.

Special Events

Chinese Storytime – Storytime in Mandarin and Cantonese! Super fun with a great age range of children, so beware it’s a rowdier bunch than normal Babytime! The program runs 5 weeks in Mandarin, then 5 weeks in Cantonese.


Man on the Moon – It’s Storytime for Dads (and other male caregivers) only! Designed to encourage stoic men-folk to let out their rhyming cooing babytalk in public, Dads get an entire hour of baby bonding fun. Registration is encouraged.


Parents’ Night Out – This one is a little hilarious to me, parents’ night out is not a hang loose, have a beer type evening. Rather it’s about crafting and learning about new ways to support your child’s learning at home. In any case, it sounds like a great time to meet other parents and chit chat, which is all a night out really needs to be!

So have fun, enjoy your public library, and go get your baby a library card (no late fees for the little ones!).

Mother’s Day Edition & Movies for Mommies

A special Mother's Day message and the first Family edition of our newsletter from the Theresa & Daniel Team!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s, Grandmother’s and especially new and expecting first time mommies!


~~Two days ago~~

Theresa: Mother’s Day is coming up, we should send a message to my mom since she’s travelling right now and we won’t get to do our normal Mother’s Day brunch.

Daniel: That’s a good idea, we should also do something special here.

Theresa: You mean do something special and send a photo to her??

Daniel: No I mean for ourselves…here…

Theresa: I don’t understand, none of our Mother’s are here, in town.

Daniel: I mean for You…since you’re a Mother…

Theresa: Oh…OH!!! I’m a mother now! Mother’s Day is about me!!


What a wonderful reminder by my dear partner about the changes in our lives, joy of everything first time and the significance of this day which takes on a new meaning for us as a new family. Cheers!


Movies for Mommies

This month we’ve discovered Movies for Mommies! What a treat to have somewhere to go with the little one where no one is going to mind if your baby screams his head off, or you need to whip out the nursing / feeding supplies.

Movies for Mommies is a revelation – lowered / equalized volume in the movie theatre so the little guy’s ears are not traumatized, dimmer lighting for snoozeability, and mostly just the comfort of knowing I can go out and be somewhere in public and not be considered a disturbance or in the way. (Also there are apparently giveaways at some events, where better to advertise and find a captive audience of a very specific demographic!)

So let me know if you’re planning on indulging for an afternoon and I’ll come with you! Check out the showtimes below.

Movies for Mommies – The Original Parent & Baby Film Event


MFM is an afternoon of decadence for you  to enjoy in a baby friendly way. What does that mean? All our films run with reduced sound levels, loud enough to hear, but soft enough to protect sensitive little ears. If it’s your first time taking your little film critic to see a movie, here is some info to make you’re outing awesome.

  1. Arrive a few minutes early so you have time to receive your membership card, and all your free samples
  2. Don’t be shy!  If you don’t have a friend to go with, lots of moms come with their babies and meet other new moms at the show
  3. Dad’s & Grandparents are people too! MFM welcomes all parents, grandparents, friends and caregivers.
  4. Splurge – that theatre popcorn is SO good, treat yourself. Enjoy the show!

Stars and Strollers –

cineplex stars strolelrs


Choice of two new movies every week*
A baby friendly environment
Lowered volume and dimmed lighting
Change table
Stroller Parking Available in select theatres
Now enjoy $2.00 OFF General Admission for all Stars and Strollers performances**