You’re Invited – Upcoming Meetup: Financial Planning

Today I’m here to invite you for our next upcoming meetup. We are going to be meeting up on November 17th in Burnaby, BC.

We’re going to be chatting about financial planning. This has always been an interesting topic for us. We’ve got a great guest speaker lined up and we’ll share with you those details if you go to meetup page. Continue reading →

You?re Invited ? Upcoming Meetup: First Time Home Buyer

SMP: Theresa’s Soap Box – Meetup! You’re Invited: Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today I am here to invite you to our next meet-up. We’re coming up to September 15, which is our next meet-up date.

We will be chatting about the first time home buyer process. As you know in the past, we’ve been chatting about things like leaky condos, condominium developments, landlord highs and lows if you are buying a place to rent out. A lot of the topics were more for people who are already in the home buying market, people who are already searching for a property. Continue reading →

Meetup! You’re Invited: Landlord Highs ‘n Lows, Thursday 21st July 2011

 Come join us in this Meetup as we look at the highs and lows of being a landlord.  This evening will be a great chance to share experiences and stories. We will go through what things you should watch out for when dealing with tenanted properties!

RSVP on or Facebook – in order to be eligible for the prize draws at the end of the evening!


Through our discussion on the highs and lows of being a landlord we will learn: should you charge the maximum rent, how to screen tenants properly, when not to use a property manager, is the Residential Tenancy Office friend or foe, why can it take up to 6 months to remove a tenant that doesn’t pay rent, and much more.

Back by popular demand! Our special guest speaker this week will be:
Vic Jang
Real Estate Broker, Project Marketing Continue reading →